Answers to the Most Asked Questions about the EdenPURE7® Pain Cream. Provided by EdenPURE7® CEO, Benjamin Suarez

Q. EdenPURE has announced a powerful pain relief product that does not have the major health problems associated with prescription and over-the counter pain relievers. What are these major health problems?

A. Most of the powerful prescription drug pain relievers are opioid based. Opioids are very addictive. There is a nationwide epidemic of opioid addiction and overdose deaths stemming from these opioid prescription pain relievers.

Also, new research has found major bad side effects to over-the-counter NSAIDs such as Bayer® and St. Joseph’s® Aspirin, Anacin®, Ascriptin®, Bufferin®, Excedrin®, Ibuprofen [Advil®] and Naproxen sodium [Aleve®]. These bad side effects include: gas/bloating, heartburn, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and/or constipation, dizziness, problems with balance, difficulty concentrating, mild headaches, fluid retention, severe rash or hives or red, peeling skin, itching, unexplained bruising and bleeding, wheezing, trouble breathing or unusual cough, chest pain, rapid heartbeat, palpitations, acute fatigue, flu-like symptoms, very bad back pain, feeling very tired and weak.

Also, the premium prescription opioid pain relievers are outrageously expensive. For example Nucynta® costs around $450 for 60 tablets, Hysingla™ costs over $600 for the same number of tablets, and Fentora® costs more than $2,000 for just 28 tablets.

Therefore, several years ago EdenPURE® initiated a major research and development project to produce a prescription-strength pain reliever that was non-addictive, had no bad side effects, required no prescription and was affordable. 

The result of this lengthy research project is EdenPURE7® Pain Cream, which is a prescription-power pain reliever that is non-addictive, has no bad side effects and you can get it without a prescription at a very affordable price.

Q. How were you able to develop such a sensational product?

A. A while ago, the Federal government legalized the sale of cannabis-based health products that removed the narcotic and hallucinogenic THC. It is scientifically well-documented that the cannabis family of plants do contain powerful pain relief properties. Cannabis pain relief remedies have been used extensively in the medical profession for many years. Specifically, the substance that produces the pain relief is Cannabidiol (CBD).

During the research, our research affiliate produced CBD in a much more powerful form.

Q. What is this more powerful form? 

A. Regular CBD oil is only 6% absorbed by the body. With a breakthrough, new, high-tech method, our research affiliate was able to increase the absorption rate of the CBD oil to over 85% through an advanced process called ProZorb. That means that our CBD oil is over 15 times more effective than other CBD oils for pain relief and the other health benefits provided by CBD oil.We also found in the research that CBD oil multiplies the pain relief effect of other FDA-approved pain relief substances. So we included additional pain relief substances in the formula. 

Q. What are these other additional FDA-approved pain relief substances?

A. They are menthol, tea tree oil, and arnica. Our ProZorb CBD oil made them many times more effective in relieving pain.Therefore, our EdenPURE7® Pain Cream reduces pain 4 ways and is super powerful. 

Q. How do you use EdenPURE7® Pain Cream? 

A. You simply rub it on the skin of the area of the pain source. It penetrates deep to the muscle and bone and reduces pain by reducing inflammation and other pain-causing factors.

Ingestible pain relievers have to go through the digestive tract and do not start working for at least 20 minutes. EdenPURE7® Pain Cream starts working in 2 minutes. 

Also, unlike other inferior pain creams, it does not have a bad smell. It has a delightful fragrance produced by a combination of all-natural essential oils that users love. 

Therefore, EdenPURE7® goes right to the source of the pain without having to go through the digestive tract, which is what creates some of the bad side effects of ingestible pain relievers. 

Not only does EdenPURE7® Pain Cream not have any bad side effects, it actually has good side effects. 

Q. What are these good side effects?

A. EdenPURE7® Pain Cream relieves inflammation and high blood pressure associated with pain. Additionally, it expands and increases the flow of blood in the blood vessels. This brings nutrients to the pain source and carries away toxins. This promotes healing of the cause of the pain. 

Q. EdenPURE® says EdenPURE7® Pain Cream is very affordable. How much does it cost?

A. As mentioned, premium prescription-power pain relievers can cost $300 to $2000. Premium CBD oils cost over $100 an ounce. Consumers also should be aware of the cheap CBD oils advertised on the internet. These contain very little CBD oil and contain many impurities.

EdenPURE7® has provided the public with a prescription-power pain reliever that requires no prescription, is non-addictive, has no bad side effects and has good side effects. And we were able to make it very affordable. EdenPURE7® Pain Cream comes in a large 3-ounce tube and costs only $59. 

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